On the same episode where Lee Joon confessed that he doesn’t cry when he watches sad movies, his band mate G.O. made another confession: “I did everything I could to impress Kang Ho Dong.”

G.O. was referring to the time when he was a regular in the popular SBS variety show, “Star King.” When MBLAQ was just a rookie group, he and Mir did not get to say a single word for the first 20 weeks that they were on the show.

He explained, “Mighty Mouth was there with us and they experienced the same problem as us.” The two members of MBLAQ joined forces with Mighty Mouth to earn the name “Reaction Brothers.”

GO said, “Whenever there was a crazy and exciting situation we would break apart the set to stand out.” He added, “Because we finally caught Kang Ho Dong’s eyes, we were able to open our mouths.”