On the 18th, MBLAQ‘s G.O made a guest appearance on KBS “Hello” along with Lee Joon and Clazziquai‘s Alex, and revealed that there was a time when he acted like a Shinhwa fan although he wasn’t one.


G.O elaborated, “I didn’t really like them, but because my older sister liked them, I liked them with her.” The group that G.O’s sister fangirl-ed for was the original beastly idols, Shinhwa. When asked why he didn’t like Shinhwa, G.O replied, “At the time I like rock. I liked Kim Kyung Ho, but my sister would give me orange balloons and tells me to blow them up.” (Note: orange is Shinhwa’s color.)

Personally, I can’t help but wonder what fellow MBLAQ member Lee Joon must have thought. For those of you who don’t know, Lee Joon is a proud self-declared Shinhwa Changjo, an official fanclub member of Shinhwa. 

Lee Joon’s mentioned on more than one radio program that he’s a Changjo, but the clip below is probably the most well-known instance. This was during Joon’s “Idol Army” days, and right before he performed Shinhwa’s hit song “Wild Eyes,” around 0:15 he says that he’s a Shinhwa Changjo. He goes on to say that he’s prepared for this day ever since he was a third year in middle school. He pulls off the performance very well, and the peanut gallery on the side adds to the entertainment. Enjoy. (For the curious A+’s, Mir was a FanGOD.)

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Source: TVReport