MBLAQ’s Lee Joon said his image of “yeneungdol” (an idol who makes appearances on variety shows and is good at making the show entertaining) is a little burdensome. 

In KBS 2TVStory Show Do Dream,” that was aired this past Saturday, Lee Joon shared his concern. He is concerned that an image his agency wants him to show on TV and his actual personality are very different.

He started by asking, “Is being who I am that bad?” and added why he chose it as his concern, “I think I’m suffering a loss because I’m being too honest.”

He further explained, “I want to be myself, but my agency tells me to think about my image. Even fans say that they waver whether to be my fan or not, after looking at how I am on TV. Whenever I hear people say that, I wonder if it’s that bad to be honest and be myself.”