MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon is drawing attention for his powerful “Sword Dance” performance. MBLAQ started performing “Run” since March 1 and have been at the center of attention with their new dance performance. The performances of “Run” have been one of the most searched live performance of the week. 

“Run” features previously not seen choreography in K-Pop before. MBLAQ’s five members and dancers showcase a special performance that resembles a well-choreographed action scene from a movie. They have an “Alter-Ego Appearance Dance” where dancers disappear and reappear behind each of the five MBALQ members, and Lee Joon’s “Sword Dance.” 

Netizens commented, “The song, the concept, the dance! Everything is a new paradigm,” “Lee Joon, the dancing man is beautiful,” “Is that Lee Joon flying across the stage?” and “Only MBLAQ can perform something like this.” 

Perviously on MBC “Radio Star,” Lee Joon proudly stated that he is the member in charge of making an impact on stage. He said, “I’m the one everybody remembers even after a 3-second-long glimpse.” Lee Joon proves that he surely is the one making the biggest impression on stage with “Run”s performance.  

Lee Juoo’s appearance on “Radio Star” also showed his potential as a variety show entertainer. MBLAQ’s agency J.Tune Camp commented, “Since ‘Radio Star’ aired, we have been getting so many offers to appear on another variety show. We get four or five times the phone calls we used to. Honestly, we were a little worried that Lee Jun’s innocent and unvarnished side might be mistaken as thoughtless and eclectic. However, the public as well as showbiz industry officials seem to like what they saw on the show. We are very grateful for it.”

MBLAQ will release another mini album “BLAQ%ver.” which is an upgraded version of their fourth mini album “100%ver.” Following the release of “BLAQ%ver,” MBLAQ will begin their long-anticipated Asian tour and focus on their career as singers and artists internationally and domestically. 

Check out MBLAQ’s live performance of “Run” below: