MBLAQ’s Mir made a surprising request to his ex-girlfriend.

On the episode of  JTBC’s “Idol Press Conference” that will air on March 2, Mir revealed his story of how he broke up with his girlfriend in the past.

Mir confessed that he grew tired of his girlfriend, whom he dated for a long time during his trainee days. He said, “Back then, I acted like a bad guy so my girlfriend came to see me in a park in front of the training facilities.” Then, his ex-girlfriend declared that she wanted to break up with him and asked Mir, “Can I slap you on the cheek one time?”

Mir said, “After I heard that she wanted to slap me, I could only see her hand. I wanted to avoid getting slapped so I temporarily postponed our breakup.” He then revealed that after he returned to his dorm, he broke up with her through text. This caused much laughter to erupt throughout the set.

Finally, Mir sent a video message to his ex-girlfriend saying, “I’m sorry I didn’t let you slap me before. I have a lot less fear now so if you ever see me on the street, please slap me.”

This episode of “Idol Press Conference” will air on March 2 – don’t forget to catch it!