MBLAQ’s Mir revealed a picture of himself when he was a child and also very plump. Mir wrote on his twitter July 19th, “Ever since I was younger I had the force of a model” and posted a childhood picture. In the picture, baby Mir is wearing jeans with a jean vest and he is making a model pose.

Netizens who have seen the picture commented, “This is the fearsome jean-jean fashion,” “you were special even when younger,” “so cute.”

Currently MBLAQ released their third mini-album on July 12th, and are currently performing “Mona Lisa.” MBLAQ was promoting “Mona Lisa” through pictures in interesting ways. They had pictures with Rain, and also Thunder’s own sister 2NE1’s Sandara Park also posted a picture of herself photoshopped as Mona Lisa!

Source: Star News