On the latest episode of JTBC‘s “Witch Hunt,” MBLAQ‘s Mir appears as a guest to talk about and share advice on various dating issues. In response to a concern submitted by a viewer saying, “I can’t trust my boyfriend because he knows nothing of the world,” Mir responds, “I’m very similar to the boyfriend described here.”

He explains, “Because I wasn’t able to act in a trustworthy, mature way, my girlfriend at the time began to get angry at my behavior. Later, she would criticize me about every little thing. If I slept at late dawn, she would yell at me for sleeping, and if I didn’t sleep, she would yell at me for not sleeping. After just getting yelled at like that [all the time], we finally split.”

He then continued, “Since I was yelled at so much, I got so deflated that even though I wanted to break up with her, I couldn’t bring it up. So even after I decided to break up with her, I dated her for another year.”

Meanwhile, this episode of “Witch Hunt” featuring Mir aired on June 12 at 11 p.m., KST.

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