MBLAQ’s Mir chose Secret’s Hyosung as his ideal girl. 

During a recent recording of MBC Music’s “All the K-Pop,” which Mir hosts, he named his guest, Hyosung, as his ideal type. Mir started, “While my ideal types have changed numerously, Jeon Hyosung has always been my ideal girl. I especially love her laugh,” showing his everlasting affection for Hyosung. Fellow MC Boom then asked a mischievous question, asking, “Have you ever thought of Jeon Hyosung before going to sleep?” to which Mir instantly answered “I have thought of Jeon Hyosung before going to sleep.” He was then belatedly embarrassed at his comment and tried to explain, “I was simply thinking of a colleague before sleeping.”  

During the episode, Hyosung will also talk about her past scandals with MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang. Regarding Lee Joon, she stated, “Lee Joon keeps making these rumors. I heard he was spreading how I was interested in him.” She continued to stress that she had no interest in him, leaving a warning for Lee Joon on air. 

“All the K-Pop” will air the episode featuring Secret tonight, October 5, on MBC Music at 11PM KST.