MBLAQ’s Seungho revealed that he had stolen his friends’ girlfriends on the recent episode of MBC’s “Idol Manager,” surprising everyone. During the episode, the members of MBLAQ were asked to pick a song that made them cry. Seungho picked “My Woman” and began talking about his past loves. MC Park Kyung Lim asked if he ever had a woman stolen from him.

Seungho replied, “I’ve stolen from others, but I’ve never had my woman stolen from me.” Park Kyung Lim then asked, “Then how many times have you stolen a girl who was already with someone?” to which he revealed that he’d done it twice. G.O. teased, “He probably enjoyed it after trying it once.” Seungho added, “Well, you can’t do that to someone you don’t know. We’re still friends and talk to each other.”