Check yes or no: 

– Did you check out Cheondung‘s music letter to the fans?   

– Did you check out Ailee‘s teaser featuring G.O

– Are you missing MBLAQ something fierce?

– Are you eagerly waiting for MBLAQ’s comeback? 

If you checked yes to all of the above, then this is the gallery for you.  

MBLAQ debuted in October 2009 with their first single album “Just BLAQ.”  MBLAQ then released their first mini album “Y” in May 2010 and their first full-length album “BLAQ Style” in January 2011.  The idol group then followed their full-length album with mini album “Mona Lisa” in July 2011 and mini album “100% Ver.” in January 2012.

While the various MBLAQ members have been busy with individual schedules, fans have been left waiting for all the members to get back together for an MBLAQ comeback.  Still no news yet of when the next comeback will be.       

In the meanwhile, here are MBLAQ’s top five hottest videos.   

MBLAQ – “Cry” 

MBLAQ – “Stay”

MBLAQ – “Mona Lisa” 


 MBLAQ – “Oh Yeah”

BONUS: Nassun – “O-WI-O” (Feat. G.O)