Even big brands like McDonald’s are not immune to K-Pop’s influence!

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They once posted advertisements that teased several big names.

Each group had their own witty reference. BLACKPINK’s was the “black” in the black bun product of McDonald’s…

be the star3
“Black Bun” sounds similar to “BLACKPINK” | @angeljiminie88/Twitter

…TWICE was seen in the words “TWICE the excitement” that introduced chicken and beef burgers…

be the star2
TWICE was mentioned directly in the poster | @angeljiminie88/Twitter

…and BTS’s acronym was spotted in the poster stating, “Be The Star”.

be the star
“Be The Star” is a reference to BTS | @angeljiminie88/Twitter 

McDonald’s Philippines previously mentioned YG Entertainment’s girl group in November 2018. On their official Twitter account, they asked fans to find a local branch by saying “McDO in your area”, the same slogan BLACKPINK uses.

The fast food brand also follows Lisa on Instagram, leading some fans to speculate that a collaboration may be coming up.

lisa following

As these references prove, McDonald’s Philippines is a big K-Pop fan as well!

McDonald's Restaurant at Dusk
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