Even other celebrities just cannot stop staring at CNBlue Jung Yong Hwa’s handsome face.

On the episode of “Hello” that aired on April 2, emcees Shin Dong Yup, Lee Young Ja, Jung Chan Woo and Kim Tae Kyun expressed their awe and wonder at Jung Yong Hwa’s good looks.

Shin Dong Yup exclaimed, “Even though I’m a guy, when I look at him up close, my face gets red.” Then Lee Young Ja asked, “Do you acknowledge that you are good looking?” To that, Jung Yong Hwa brightly answered, “I totally acknowledge that I am good looking,” which drew a lot of cheers from the audience.

After staring at Jung Yong Hwa for a while, Jung Chan Woo could not contain his praise and said, “You are so good-looking. Really.” Then Kim Tae Kyun followed-up by saying, “How does it feel to be that good-looking?” To that, Jung Yong Hwa playfully answered, “It feels extremely good,” with a sheepish laugh.

During this episode, a man shared his concern for having a wife that has excessive skinship tendencies, who loves to touch and squeeze him. After his story was over, Lee Young Ja went to the middle of the set to introduce a new story. When she went over to the middle, she sat down next to Jung Yong Hwa and instead of introducing the new story, she looked at him and said, “You are really, really good-looking. People probably touch you and squeeze you and stuff, right?”

Lee Young Ja followed-up by asking K.Will the same question by saying, “K.Will, has that ever happened to you?” Then K.Will pretended to get angry and replied, “Just stop!” which made the studio erupt in laughter.

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