Some K-Pop idols may look fierce with their stage charisma, but they’re actually sweet in real life. These certain SM Entertainment idols are called “bear” by their fans for their cuddly and cute personalities.

More teddy bear than scary bear, find out who they are below!

1. EXO’s Kai

EXO‘s Kai is often called “Nini Bear” by EXO-Ls. On stage, he’s on fire…

…but in real life, he’s a giggly child-like man!

happy bear

He often wears bear accessories and clothes which match him perfectly.

bear cap


Not only does he act like a bear, he looks like one too!

bear suit

2. Red Velvet’s Seulgi

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is nicknamed “Teddy Bear Seulgi” by Reveluvs.


She may have an outwardly fierce stage presence, but inwardly she is clumsy and cute.

bear figurine

She even looks like the teddy bears she holds!

teddy bear

3. NCT 127’s Haechan

Next, NCT 127‘s Haechan is the newest addition to the “SM Bears Club”.


He may not have been pictured with as many bear-like accessories, but his looks fit right in. With his pouty lips, large eyes, and round face, Haechan is like a bear emoji come to life.


He’s definitely as huggable as a teddy bear!


4. Chenle

Finally, NCT 127‘s Chenle is often spotted wearing and holding bear accessories.


He’s a big fan of lying on and cuddling his huge bears.

bear kawaii

sm town

We see the resemblance!