This year is set to be filled with plenty of K-Pop debuts, but there’s something unique about upcoming boy group KINGDOM—they’re debuting with a medieval concept.

KINGDOM will debut under GF Entertainment, which previously managed actors like Kim Hye Soo and Han Chae Ah. The group has seven members, all of whom are budding visuals, but the thing that’s really catching fans’ eyes is their medieval concept.


In their first teasers, the members appear to be dressed as characters from the legend of King Arthur and the knights of the round table. One of the members even shares his name with the famous mythical King. The medieval era is still relatively untapped in K-Pop, making KINGDOM’s concept particularly unique. Soloist Jo Kwon is one of the few artists who alluded to medieval fantasy in his “I’m Da One” music video from 2012.

“I’m Da One” MV | Big Hit Labels/YouTube

According to the agency, KINGDOM will debut on February 18 with their first single, “Excalibur”—a reference to the Excalibur sword from the King Arthur stories. Despite their debut being a month away, GF Entertainment has already released a music video teaser for the song.

Want to know more about the KINGDOM members before they debut next month? Look no further!


23-year-old Dann is the leader of KINGDOM and one of the group’s vocalists.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter

You may recognize him as Seungbo, a member of since-disbanded Korean-Chinese group VARSITY. He also participated in MIXNINE, where he ranked 71st. After growing up in Dubai for nine years, Dann speaks four languages (Korean, Arabic, English, and French). His other specialties include swimming and playing the drums.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter


20-year-old Arthur is the main dancer in KINGDOM and one of the group’s vocalists.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter

Like Dann, Arthur was also part of VARSITY, where he performed under the name Yunho. He’s been dancing for seven years, and his specialties include street dancing, urban choreography, and girl group covers. Arthur is a fan of BTS‘s Jungkook, and some of his favorite things including gaming, emotional ballads, and cake.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter


20-year-old Mujin is part of the vocal and rap lines in KINGDOM.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter

Mujin’s MBTI type is ENFP (the “Campaigner” type), which means he has vibrant energy, embraces big ideas, and is driven a sense of goodwill towards others. He enjoys soccer, swimming, cooking, and composing music. Mujin is also on the “Like” side when it comes to the mint chocolate debate.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter


19-year-old Louis is one of the vocalists in KINGDOM.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter

Dancing is also one of Louis’s specialties. Since he’s also a keen soccer player, fans can probably expect some fancy footwork from him. In his spare time, he likes to listen to music, go out driving alone, and eat fast food. He’s also a big puppy enthusiast.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter


19-year-old Ivan is one of the vocalists in KINGDOM, and he’s also presumed to be the group’s visual.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter

Like Mujin, Ivan also has the ENFP “Campaigner” personality type. He’s a black belt in taekwondo, and he also considers bowling one of his specialties. Ivan’s hobbies include gaming and listening to music, and he loves spicy foods.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter


18-year-old Jahan is part of the vocal and rap lines in KINGDOM.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter

Not much is known about Jahan yet, but it has been revealed that he’s skilled at the popping dance style as well as beatboxing. In his spare time, he likes listening to music and shopping.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter


18-year-old Chiwoo is the maknae of KINGDOM and one of the group’s rappers.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter

Like Jahan, Chiwoo is still something of a mystery. All we know right now is that his hobbies are gaming and listening to music, and his specialties are dancing and soccer.

| @KINGDOM_GFent/Twitter