The newest “bagel girl” has surfaced on the Web as various Korean media sources crowned the child actress-turned-model/actress Kim Hee Jung the honor lately. On April 30, a number of reports mentioned Kim Hee Jung as the new “bagel (baby face + glamorous) girl,” based on a couple photos taken at her recent CF photo shoot.

In the photos, Kim Hee Jung is seen wearing a tight one-piece dress and a blue shirt, revealing her perfect “S” bodyline. Despite her 20-year old baby face look, the up-and-coming actress is flaunting her fully grown, voluptuous body, giving completely contrasting images from her top to bottom.

Netizens commented, “I approve,” “Another perfect ‘bagel girl,’” and “She grew up just the right away.”

Kim Hee Jung made her debut through the 2000 KBS drama “Kkok Ji,” as Won Bin’s little niece. She hasn’t made much public appearances since then, but she is attempting to return to the industry now. She’s scheduled to make her movie debut through “I’m a Federal Employee” this July.