It has recently been revealed that a member of vocal girl group Melody Day—best known for singing songs included in the OST for many hit dramas including “Master’s Sun” and “I Can Hear Your Voice”—is related to a top star.

On June 9, a representative of Melody Day’s agency shared that member Yoo Min is the niece of one of the most well-known actors in Korea—Jang Dong Gun.

The agency rep explained, “Yoo Min is the granddaughter of Jang Dong Gun’s aunt (his mother’s sister). They are like close family. The two really look alike.”

It is said that Yoo Min’s father and Jang Dong Gun, who are cousins, have a very close ‘hyung-dongsaeng’ relationship.

Yoo Min was in attendance at Jang Dong Gun and Go So Young’s wedding, and the Melody Day member often visited the couple’s home. Jang Dong Gun is also said to be very supportive of his niece’s debut as a singer.

Meanwhile, Melody Day is preparing to kick off promotions with their second single “Love Me” following its release at noon on June 9.

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