In an interview with haru*hana magazine, each member of IZ*ONE shared their thoughts about their fellow member Hyewon.

WIZ*ONE are gushing over how cute their remarks about Hyewon are.


Thanks for making everyone happy with your fun and cool personality.

– Chaeyeon


Hyewon! Thank you for always taking care of me! Thanks to you I discovered many new dishes! Let’s go eat gopchang.

– Minju


Hyewon unnie! Thank you for always taking care of me like a real sister. Let’s go eat gopchang sometime.

– Chaewon


Kang-chan who always calls me cute! We didn’t have the chance to talk much during Produce 48 so I’m glad we’re close now. You are so kind.

– Hitomi


Hyewon, thank you for listening to me. Thank you for being nice to me. Thank you for always being reliable.

– Eunbi


Thank you for always giving me something delicious to eat and making me laugh.

– Nako


Kkanyomi, we always end up being roommates in the hotel, we always get along well and I think it’s because unnie is trying to accomodate me, I’m grateful.

– Yujin


Hyewon! You are the only one born in the same year as me. At first, it was really awkward, but now we are closer than anyone and thanks for empathising with me.

– Yena


Kwang-bae hyung! Thank you for always loving me. I’ll be Kwangpbae’s cute little sister and will listen to you more. I love you!

– Yuri


I feel relieved when I hear Kkanchan saying “Kkura”. Kkanchan, please continue living in the moment.

– Sakura


Unnie, thank you so much for recommending me a delicious restaurant. Thank you for the continuous support. Unnie’s selca is also very beautiful.

– Wonyoung