On today’s episode of MNet‘s MCOUNTDOWN, seven members from three third-generation groups covered BTS‘s “IDOL.”

Rocky, Sanha, Jinjin (ASTRO), Sejun, Subin (VICTON) alongside Wooseok and Kino (PENTAGON) covered the 2018 hit as part of a special stage.

Dressed in vibrant outfits similar to those worn by BTS and with the iconic choreography, it was a performance of respect for the global stars.

Before the stage, the music show displayed highlights of BTS’s stage’s over the years, in particular, their promotion period for “IDOL.”

The reel also showed some recent covers done by groups such as THE BOYZ, WEi and ATEEZ.

Over the years, many groups have been influenced by the group in some way. This is just one of the ways to show their appreciation BTS!