Some K-Pop groups have the eldest as their leader, others have the maknae as their leader, and even fewer have more than one leader.

For whatever reason the company came up with, they decided that two or more leaders was the way to go. Find out who these rare groups are below!

1. ONF


ONF is the first on this list as their leadership situation is one of the most interesting. They are separated into two teams: ON and OFF.

Hyojin is the leader of the ON team…


…while J-Us is the leader of the OFF team.

jus onf

They explained since their debut that the two teams have different charms.

ONF is divided into two teams. The ON team and the OFF team each have three members. The ON team has a bright image with sentimental vocals as their charming point. The OFF team has a charismatic image with a stronger focus on their dance performance

– Laun

Together, Hyojin and J-Us are the members that the others can depend on!



Unlike the other idols on this list, YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group, TREASURE, has two leaders for the entire group and not per sub-team.

Rapper Choi Hyunsuk


…and vocalist Park Jihoon are the leaders.


They are both the eldest and they look after their members seriously despite also being the comedians of the group.

jihoon hyunsuk

3. NCT

nct 2018

NCT may not have official leaders but their sub-groups prove that some members take up the helm more than others. Taeyong, for instance, is said to be the leader of NCT 127 and the group as a whole.


Celebrities Visit Build - April 23, 2019

Mark was treated as the leader and eldest of NCT Dream.


nct dream

Finally, in China, WayV‘s leader is none other than Kun.

kun wayv


4. EXO

exo xoxo

Finally, EXO also had dual leadership positions when they first debuted. Back in 2012, they were still separated into two sub-units: EXO-M and EXO-K, and the former promoted in China while the latter was active in Korea.

Kris was the leader for EXO-M…



…and Suho was the leader of EXO-K.

suho exo


Now, however, Suho is the group’s sole leader whom the others depend on greatly.

exo ot9

All of these four groups prove that breaking the mold can be a good thing if it gives them the leaders they deserve!