Rapper Microdot has stated through his agency that he will be taking legal action against those spreading rumors about his parents committing fraud online.

A source from Microdot’s agency said on November 19, “We are reviewing legal action against the people spreading rumors about Microdot’s parents as if they are true. We plan to sue for defamation and take swift action against false statements. There will be no leniency.”

Previously, someone posted a story online (since deleted) claiming that Microdot’s parents committed fraud and then ran away to New Zealand. The detailed statement from the writer — who said they were a victim of Microdot’s parents 20 years ago and that they wanted to receive an apology and to exact legal punishment — gained traction online, which led to a firm response from Microdot expressing intent to take legal action.

However, Microdot’s stance has not been enough to put the issue to rest. November 19, SBS funE released an exclusive report confirming that in 1999, there was an official complaint made to authorities regarding fraud by Microdot’s parents.

According to the report, at around May 1997, Microdot’s parents borrowed several hundred million won (100 million won is approximately $89,000) from 10 people, including relatives, neighbors, and friends.

An anonymous person claiming to be a victim of Microdot’s parents (hereafter referred to as “A”) gave an interview with Edaily in response to Microdot’s statement: “Twenty years ago, my close friend and old high school classmate said he was getting a loan from the Korea Federation of Livestock Cooperatives, so I co-signed. I found out later that he had several guarantors, and after receiving a loan of roughly 6-700 million won (approximately $533-621,000), in May 1998, they fled in the middle of the night. At the time, they even sold the cows that they had been raising and ran away.”

“A” added that 20 years ago, they didn’t consider the option of suing as they were close with the whole family, but they, as well as the other guarantors, have been in debt for over 20 years.

“A” said, “I didn’t want to make them take responsibility now, so long after it happened, but Microdot saying on television that his family were victims [of fraud] and that he would take legal action made me so mad.”

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