Hip-hop duo Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu opened up about his past dating life.

On the episode of “Radio Star” that aired on October 24, guests Solbi, Sangchu, Defconn and Lee Chang Myung shared their many stories. Out of these stories, Defconn suddenly revealed Sangchu’s past love life.

Defconn said, “In 2003, a huge scandal erupted involving a hip-hop artist and a famous female celebrity. That hip-hop artist was said to be me and my name topped search result charts. But actually, the hip-hop artist was Sangchu. But I enjoyed the attention.”

Defconn continued, “At the time, the female celebrity’s company gave my company a call asking if we were really dating. Then our company director denied it by saying, ‘Why would your female celebrity go out with someone like him?’” creating a wave of laughter in the studio.

Defconn continued, “Sangchu came to one of my concerts with that female celebrity. She is older than Solbi,” and Solbi added, “She is an actress,” which elicited much curiosity from everyone.

Sangchu truthfully admitted, “I loved her. We dated for two years.”