Shorry J, member of the popular duo Mighty Mouth, recently unveiled a few rather cute pictures.

The last two tweets made by Shorry J were photos of him and a familiar character, and it wasn’t Sangchu.  Along with the pictures he wrote, “I’m posting these photos of Sponge Bob to share with the world.”

In the pictures Shorry J is seen with the cartoon character Sponge Bob.  He is wearing a Sponge Bob hat, bag, and even reading a book based on the cartoon.  He looks like an excited little boy while he holds onto a plush version of the comical sea sponge as he shows him around.

Fans gave mixed reactions to his post saying, “Is that a thirty-year-old?  Hardly as thirty does not seem to fit you here.”, “You and Sponge Bob look really good!”, and “Awww.”

Currently Mighty Mouth can be seen promoting their song, “La La La”.

How do you feel about Shorry J and Sponge Bob’s escapades?

Source: OSEN