The Military Manpower Administration (MMA) recently announced that they will be directly in charge of the mandatory enlistments of celebrities.

On April 5, one media source reported that the MMA told agencies to submit a list of their housed celebrities in accordance to the amended Military Service Act. According to the report, the amendment of Article 77-4 of the Military Service Act widens the MMA’s scope of control on celebrities and athletes. “We have sent an official letter requesting the cooperation of each entertainment agency,” said a source from the MMA.

The MMA source explained, “This time, the management for military services has expanded to manage those in grade 4 or higher. In accordance to the new amendment, we will be managing the implementation of military enlistments for celebrities as well as trainees. We will be managing the overall process of the military service.”

This new decision will affect singers, actors, comedians, models, and trainees who were born anytime during 1980 to 1999.

The source continued, saying, “The military service of celebrities is one of national concern. Since the act has been revised to allow for more thorough management, it is necessary to have active cooperation from the agencies.”

What do you think of this new decision?

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