In a reversal of usual events, hit Taiwanese drama “Rookies’ Diary” gets a Korean spin.  The Korean version of the drama, about life of recruits in military training stars Lee Jun Ki (“Time Between Dog and Wolf,” “Iljimae,” “My Girl”), Kim Ji Hoon (“Joseon X-Files,” “Stars Falling From the Sky”) and Kim Ji Suk (“Personal Taste,” “Chuno.”

 Taiwanese media caught wind of the remake and provided a glimpse into the set and the drama shooting.


It is no coincidence that the leads are all currently serving in the armed forces, as the drama is sponsored by the military.

A two-year mandatory military service is required for all South Korean male citizens, thus sending actors and musicians entering service into hiatus.  However, such military-sponsored projects help provide artists an opportunity to practice their profession. In 2010, the Ministry of the Defense staged “Voyage of Life” to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.  The musical also starred Lee Jun Ki and Joo Ji Hoon, who was recently honored at the Daegu Musical Awards for his work in the production.

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