In a recent interview, actor Song Il Gook predicted Min Gook to be the ladies’ man among the triplets. And it seems like he was right. On the latest episode of “Superman Returns,” the triplets went to experience a temple stay. While they were there, the triplets unsurprisingly ran off into different directions to Song Il Gook’s dismay.

While Song Il Gook attempted to gather Dae Han and Man Se, Min Gook was left by himself as he also wandered the yard of the temple. Soon an older girl approached Min Gook and took care of him by guiding him to the room.

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His popularity did not end there. While Min Gook waited for the others, his nose started to run. Seeing this, another older girl came and wiped his nose for him. Eventually, he experienced his own popularity as he sat surrounded by noonas. You can watch their interaction here. You can also watch one of the nunas defend him as he got scolded for eating without permission here.

Meanwhile, “Superman Returns” airs every Sunday on KBS. Who’s a fan of the triplets?