Min Hyo Rin shows off her dual charms. For the fashion magazine Elle Girl, Min Hyo Rin appeared in a photo shoot. On August 23rd, Elle Girl released some of the photos.

Min Hyo Rin has dressed up in a fall concept, which shows her pure charms but also her sexy charms as well. The whole photo shoot will be revealed in the Elle Girl September edition.

Recently Min Hyo Rin was cast on the film “Gone With the Wind.” She plays the role of Baek Soo Ryun who is in love with the main character played by Cha Tae Hyun.

Min Hyo Rin failed her driving test for the second time. On August 12th, Min Hyo Rin took a driving test at the Seoul Kangnam driver’s license test area. Last year she took her first driver’s test and had failed. (Obtaining a driver’s license is different from the U.S.; in Korea you have to go through two separate driving tests, one is a course, and the other is actual driving. Min Hyo Rin failed her driving course and driving test.)

A representative stated that Min Hyo Rin was almost finished with the driving course, but at the end of it she took off her seat belt earlier than her instructor told her to do so. Also, the representative stated that Min Hyo Rin is currently very shocked that she failed the test again. However, she is determined to receive her driver’s license within the year.