It was reported on October 24 that the actress Min Hyo Rin has won three million won (approx. $3,000 USD) in a lawsuit against a plastic surgeon that illegally used her name in his advertisement.

According to the Seoul Central Court, Min Hyo Rin’s agency filed a lawsuit against a plastic surgeon only identified as Kim for “illegal use of Min Hyo Rin’s name in his nose job advertisements.” The court said they ruled in favor of Min Hyo Rin because, “Although Min Hyo Rin didn’t lose anything financially from this particular ad, by getting her name mentioned in the ad, it misrepresented Min Hyo Rin as having received a surgery on her nose. In order to compensate for the psychological damages, we ordered the surgeon to pay three million won.”

In June 2011, the plastic surgeon Kim used the phrase, “Make a luxury nose like Min Hyo Rin,” in his hospital ad without any permission from the actress herself. Min Hyo Rin’s party had initially filed a lawsuit worth 80 million won, or approximately $80,000 USD.