Recently on an online community forum, a post titled “Min Hyo Rin‘s Old Pictures” showed up. The post reveals captured images of Min Hyo Rin from a cable channel’s show in the past. In this captured images, Min Hyo Rin look different from the way she does right now.

She has single eyelids and even the shape of her face looks slightly different from the way it is now. However, her perfect nose and perky lips that are slanted upwards slightly at the end remained the same throughout all these years. Netizens commented on these old pictures of Min Hyo Rin, “She still looks cute,” “She changed a lot, but I can still tell it’s her,” and “I’m gonna guess that her nose is natural.”

Previously, Min Hyo Rin openly talked about having a eyelid surgery done on various TV shows. On August 5, she used her history of eyelid surgery as a source of laughter in a segment in “Gag Concert,” where she made a guest appearance.