Min recently opened up about being the only miss A member often compared to a female comedian.

The idol was a guest on KBS2TV’s “Happy Together” on January 30. While discussing the topic, MC Yoo Jae Suk asked Min to share who miss A members are often compared to, looks-wise. 

Min revealed, “After our debut, there was a time when a photo of people resembling miss A members became an issue,” and explained, “Suzy was compared to Kim Sa Rang, Fei was placed next to Kim Ah Joong, Ivy, and Park Ji Yoon. But next to me was a photo of Chulsandra [Kim Hyun Sook‘s character on ‘Gag Concert‘]. I got a bit startled when I saw it,” she laughed. 

As Kim Hyun Sook was also a guest on the show that night, Min added, “I really wanted to see her after that.” When asked if she now thinks they resemble each other, the idol could not help but nod while giggling, as she agreed on the similarities between her and the comedian.