Actress Han Ye Ri, known for her incredible performance in the movie Minari, has been announced as the goodwill ambassador for a dance festival!

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Han Ye Ri was announced to be the goodwill ambassador for the 40th International Modern Dance Festival (MODAFE), which will be held in Seoul from May 25 to June 13.

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Han Ye Ri is an actress who majored in Korean dance at the Korea National University of Arts, and also studied contemporary dance and ballet before college. Speaking of her talent as a performer, the Contemporary Dance Association of Korea, who are the organisers of the festival, shared why Han Ye Ri was the perfect ambassador!

We found Han Ye Ri, who was a choreography major with experience in Korean dance, contemporary dance and ballet, to be perfect for the role of ambassador of the festival.

—Contemporary Dance Association of Korea

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As a choreography major, she looked up to MODAFE during her middle and high school years. The Contemporary Dance Association of Korea also described her as “an actor known for her delicately expressive and sincere performance across a wide range of genres.”

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Han Ye Ri also commented on her position as goodwill ambassador, and talked about what an honor it was for her!

In contemporary dance, you can have your hair cut short, wear what you want to wear and freely express yourself, unhindered. So for me, MODAFE, the biggest contemporary dance festival in Korea, always remained as a place with the most wonderful people.

—Han Ye Ri

Congratulations, Han Ye Ri!

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