This episode of “Happy Together” was a summer special that had members from 2PM, Dal Shabet, and After School.

For the beginning of the show, everyone had already picked out somebody they were interested in.

Lizzy received four votes and Shin Bong Sun received two votes. Dal Shabet and Uee didn’t receive any -_-! Lizzy stated, “You people have very good eyes.”

Taecyeon and Wooyoung received 0 votes, Junho and Junsu together had the second most, Chansung and Nichkhun had the first most.


Yoo Jae-Seok gave away all the information regarding who wrote what. Uee was interested in Chansung because she wanted to know more about him. Just as has written before, the reason Uee chose Chansung because she likes guys that are like Chansung. They talked about “Night After Night” ending, and Park Myung Soo complained that the show ended because of Uee. (Because she was too quite?)

Taecyeon talked about a time that he went to a drinking party for “Cinderella’s Sister.” Taecyeon’s zipper was unzipped when he went to the party.  Junsu also talked about an embarrassing moment because of his unzipped zipper, he stated the fans were all focusing somewhere down there and he thought it was a bit odd.

Nichkhun thinks that women are like Korean rice wine. Nichkhun had a hangover because he overdrank the Korean rice wine, and Nichkhun said that women are like Korean rice wine because they are good when you are first with them but you get a headache afterwards.

Lizzy also talked about the guy that had rejected her after only one day of dating.

It was time for each one of the guests to pair off with somebody from the opposite sex.

Uee and LIzzy danced freestyle when it was time to show off their charms. Uee went off and grabbed Chansung to dance together.

Dal Shabet’s Subin did a strange tiger/lion/The Horror film “Ring” dance.

Dal Shabet’s Ah Young also danced next to Park Myung Soo but it was… comical.

Chansung was the only one that danced to represent 2PM, and he also showed interest towards Uee while dancing and Uee was extremely happy. Chansung also did another more powerful dance.


Afterwards it was time to create the couples. Chansung and Uee became a couple and they started off the games.

Uee and Chansung both ate at the end of the same Pepero.

It was Lizzy’s turn to be picked up and she was chosen by Junsu and Wooyoung. Lizzy chose Junsu, and the two also started off their game.

Bongsun was chosen by Junho and Taecyeon but Junho won out.

Oh Nami was chosen by Taecyeon and Nichkhun, but Nickhun won out.

Taecyeon was also rejected by Dal Shabet’s Subin. (He got rejected three times T_T)

Uee and Dal Shabet’s Ah Young got sprayed by water in the last game.