Monday-Tuesday evening dramas, new and old, are delighting viewers!

MBC’s “Partners for Justice” premiered on May 14 in the same time slot KBS2’s “The Miracle We Met” and SBS’s “Wok of Love.” According to Nielsen Korea, the new MBC drama brought in ratings of 4.5 percent and 4.9 percent nationwide. While it came in at third place, it was higher than both the premiere and finale ratings — 3.6 percent and 2.2 percent — of MBC’s previous mini series “Tempted.”

Aiming to focus more on the investigations rather than melodrama, “Partners for Justice” is about how forensic doctor Baek Beom (Jung Jae Young), rookie prosecutor Eun Sol (Jung Yoo Mi), and homicide detective Cha Soo Ho (Lee Yi Kyung) team up to take on various cases.

KBS2’s “The Miracle We Met” continued in first place once again, albeit with slightly lower viewership ratings of 10.8 percent nationwide when compared to last week’s 11.5 percent.

SBS’s “Wok of Love” also maintained its second place position with a slight increase of 0.7 percent and 0.2 percent to see ratings of 5.4 percent and 5.8 percent nationwide.

With all three dramas having very different premises and appealing to different audiences, the battle for viewership continues.

Check out the premiere of “Partners for Justice” below!

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