miss A and 2PM’s Nichkhun have been chosen as models for the brand “Edwin.”

Nichkhun has been active as a model for cosmetics, fashion, communications, and drinks. Nichkhun has many sides to his image starting from 2PM’s strong and passionate side, to his classy style in fashion, and also his warm side shown through “We Got Married.”

miss A’s new album that was released on July 18th dominated most online charts. In order to commemorate miss A’s renewal of the modeling contract, they held a smartphone photo event that matched with miss A’s new album release.

This event will be used through an android application, and all you have to do is upload your picture with miss A’s picture in the background. Customers will vote which picture was the best and pick 50 winners. There are various prizes such as certificates and miss A official albums, all you have to do is download the application through www.wstar.kr.

Nichkhun and miss A will begin progressive marketing at years end and will be focused on raising profits for the end year.

Source: Nate