Miss A celebrated their one year anniversary through Twitter today. The four member girl group first debuted on July 1st, 2010 with their hit single, “Bad Girl Good Girl.”

 Suzy first tweeted around 3AM today, “Wow, It’s already been a year since our debut. I still can’t forget our first stage last year. Hard to believe it’s already been a year…Miss A will be together for a lot longer than a year, but I would like to thank everyone who’s worked so hard for us and all the fans that showed us love. We’ll return with better music. Coming soon!”

Fei then wrote, “It’s the first year anniversary of Miss A! I’m so excited and happy just thinking about it! To all the people who worked for us, and especially our Say-A fans, thank you so much! You really did so much for us! My family and my fellow members, let’s stay together for a long long time! You guys are the best gift to my life.”

Jia also posted later on her Twitter page, “It’s July 1st! Miss A’s first year anniversary! Time really just flies! Already a year! To all the unni and oppas who came with us all the way here~my lovely members~all the Say-A’s~thank you so so much!”

Miss A hasn’t confirmed on their comeback date yet but it’s expected to be some time in July. Many fans are looking forward to their summer comeback as their debut was made this time around last year and their first single “Bad Girl Good Girl” was also a smashing hit in the summer.


Source: Osen