Miss A showed true girl power as they dominated the music charts with their first official album. According to AQ Entertainment, as “A Class” miss A’s first official album was released online, it dominated music charts.

The title song, “Good-bye Baby” after one hour of being released online became number one on Melon, Mnet, Doshirak, and Cyworld Online real time charts. Currently it is still number one for the following music online charts: Melon, Mnet, Doshirak, Cyworld, Naver, Bugs, Monkey 3, Daum, and Soribada.

“Good-bye Baby” is a song about a confident and cool girl that gets rid of a boy that is a player. The track is a mixture of a powerful hip hop beat and acoustics. The song has an addicting melody and combined with miss A’s classy performance, it makes the song even more dramatic.

AQ Entertainment has stated, “A Class, features miss A’s more mature color, we will show you a good image of us as much as fans have been waiting.

Source: Star News