miss A has finally donned the bandage dress that has been deemed to be a significant part of their comeback album theme.

The girl group, miss A, performed their song “Touch” on the MBC program “Show! Music Core.”

For the stage performance, miss A wore the original white bandage dresses that they used for the filming of their music video.  Previously, they had worn the black lace dresses.

These bandage dresses bring to mind a sexy look for miss A, but also one of pure excitement.  The bandages wrap around the girls into a minidress, showing off the waist line and back with sheer skin tone fabric in between.  The small revealing of skin adds to the sexiness of the outfit.

It is well known that miss A tend to have unconventional costumes for their stage performance.  The bandage dress stresses on the strange illusion created by the skin tone fabric.

miss A explains, “The bandage dress symbolizes the hurt and broken heart the girl in the song suffers from.  The bandages represent attempts at healing.  However, since the stage performance is a televised broadcast, it was necessary to keep the costumes from being too revealing.  Hence, the skin tone fabric was used to help cover the gaps.”  The costume concept for this stage is specifically tailored for this song.