A photo of Miss A‘s Jia and Shinee‘s Key doing a friendly pose with each other was revealed.

On March 22, Jia uploaded onto her twitter a photo accompanied with the words, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen Key. Today, Shinee made an incredible comeback.  I really like their new dance. Today, we both wore skull printed clothes.”

In the picture revealed, Jia and Key are hanging out in the waiting room before going on stage at the cable music show Mnet “M Countdown.” Both idols are dressed in comfortable clothes and are flashing matching ‘V’ signs while posing for the camera. The skull print on both their shirt catches the attention of those who have seen the picture.

Her twitter followers were quick to respond to the photo with comments like, “You guys would match well if you two came out as a unit group,” ” Best fashion sense. You guys were great today,” and “I’m jealous of how close you two look, no couple look please.”