On October 7, miss A member Min uploaded a photograph of herself on her Twitter account with the following words: “For ceci.”   

In the uploaded photograph, though it is a black and white, and a little blurry, miss A member clearly looks sexy with tousled bangs, messily wavy hair, and smoky eye makeup.  Is Min hinting at another photo shoot for fashion magazine “Ceci” or is she referring to the ones already done?  (Fans–you be the judge!)  The girls participated in a party-themed photo shoot for Ceci for October which you can view here on Soompi and a photo shoot in which they supported fellow label-mate Baek Ah Yeon

Suzy recently celebrated her 18th birthday on October 10, and was given a surprise birthday party at a fan signing event for clothing brand Bean Pole.  The girls of miss A are preparing for a comeback and have recently released teasers for Min and Fei, and for Suzy and Jia.