On October 9, at the Lotte Department Store in Seoul, miss A member Suzy participated in a “Bean Pole Outdoor” fan signing event that was sponsored by clothing brand Bean Pole.  The “nation’s first love,” actress, and miss A idol Suzy was selected as a model for Bean Pole.    

The fan signing event also doubled as a surprise birthday party for Suzy.  Suzy turned 18 years old (19 in Korean age) on October 10.  Yesterday, Suzy posted pictures of the birthday presents she received from her fans and gave words of thanks to her fans on her Twitter account.    

Suzy looked like she was enjoying herself as she met her fans and gave them handshakes as well as giving autographs and taking pictures.  A birthday cake was even brought out for Suzy to make a wish and blow out the candles. 

Don’t forget to click through the gallery on Soompi to see the pictures!   (Author’s note: Make sure to click on the last photograph of Suzy–extra cute!)