K-pop fans are just in luck! Miss A is coming back really soon and will join in on the October festivities. A lot of goodies in store and Halloween has yet to come.

On October 9, Miss A released their upcoming project album jacket through their official sites including facebook. All the members are looking tough posing with attitude while Min looks a little more subdued. Suzy has a “rocker” feel with an all-out black outfit and hair, barely covering her midriff with a flannel top and bling. The rest of the members accessorize their hair with tiaras and cute hair pieces showing it’s not the clothes that makes the girl, but the girl that makes the clothes.

This album jacket’s concept is “Independent Women.” Fei is proudly holding the sign “This is for all the independent ladies” (author’s note: Hopefully it’s ladies, not lady). It’s worthy to note that the background color is blue, where many people stereotype it as a masculine color.

It will mark 8 months since Miss A has last actively promoted with their album “Touch.” The album is planned to be released on October 15.

Soompiers, do you like this concept?