On October 15, Miss A released their 5th project album “Independent Women pt. III” through online music sites.

This mini-album portrays women who are true to themselves, are dignified and  confident in their own progress. This song is a tribute to Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Women” sequels. The album includes a total of 5 tracks “I Can Live Without Men” and “Ma Style,” “If I Were A Boy,” “Madness” and “Time’s Up.”

The title track “I Can Live Without Boys” is composed by Park Jin Young” with a “Southern Hiphop” influence. “Ma Style” has a funky charm and 2pm’s Taecyeon is featured in “Madness.”

In other news, Miss A will hold their comeback performance through Mnet’s “M! Countdown” on October 18.

Here’s the music video below!