October is rounding out to be a fun month in the world of K-Pop! Lots of people are coming back, making debuts, releasing great music and Miss A is no exception.

On October 8, member Suzy left the group’s comeback teaser on her twitter with the caption “What’s this? Quiz. What’s the answer. what do u think?” Fellow member Fei also updated her twitter simultaneously commenting, “Everyone, what could be the answer to the riddle.” Jia also left a message on her twitter and wrote in Mandarin as well, “Try making a guess.” Min shared the same sentiments on her twitter, “And the answer is..?”

The teaser shows that the answer will be revealed on the midnight of October 15 and treats the group name, Miss A, as an acronym spelling out clues for their next concept.

JYP Entertainment has revealed that Miss A will come back with a project album in the middle of October.

Soompiers, what kind of concept involves men, ice cream, $, sugar and air? Will they fly eating sugary sweets and rolling in money with hot, hunky males? And what’s with the apples?