miss A revealed a picture that featured each of their own unique personalities.

Through Mnet “M Countdown’s” official twitter on July 4th, miss A wrote, “miss A. Today is a femme fatale version.” The picture accompanying the twitter shows each member with different expressions.

Fans that have come across the pictures wrote, “All four of you are so charming,” “everyone is so beautiful,” “I look forward to miss A’s performance.”

On July 28th “Goodbye Baby” reached number one for Mnet’s “M Countdown.”

Also, a spot on Suzy’s right wrist has recently drawn the attention of the public.

On August 2nd an online community bulletin board posted a picture of miss A’s Suzy, which she had uploaded to her Twitter account, followed by questions regarding the dot on her wrist.

In this particular photo of Suzy it reveals that there is something on her right wrist. Leaving people wondering if there was a watermelon seed stuck to her wrist, when in fact it was just a beauty mark. It can be seen as she holds on to the mutizen miss A won, last week, on MNET’s “M! Countdown”