After revealing the first teasers for Min and Fei yesterday, miss A followed up with a new pair of teasers for Suzy and Jia for their 5th project album, “Independent Women Pt. III.”

Just like the previous teasers, today’s teaser images also have strong messages intended for “independent” ladies. Jia’s teaser says, “I don’t want to spend my allowances from my parents like it’s mine. I’d too old, it’s only natural for me not to rely on my parents too much. That’s why I’m proud of myself.”

Suzy’s teaser reads, “I can live just fine without guys. So if you don’t have the confidence, don’t even try to come close to me. I don’t sell myself so easily because I don’t need a man.”

The teasers actually have animated motions, so make sure you visit miss A’s official site here.

Stay tuned for more updates for miss A’s comeback!