miss A expressed their amazement at SNSD’s diet plan on a recent radio show saying they actually enjoy eating meat.

“We had a bowl of bulgogi and dumplings,” miss A said when asked what they had for lunch on Jeong Sun Hee’s SBS radio “A Night Like Tonight.” Jeong Sun Hee followed up by saying, “I heard SNSD consumes only 900 calories a day. Your meal is very different from other girl groups.”

miss A seemed shocked by her remark, as they responded, “Are you sure it’s not 900 calories per meal, but for the whole day? We enjoy eating meat regularly. The secret to our powerful dance moves are the bulgogi bowls.”

However, it was previously revealed that the SNSD diet plan Jeong Sun Hee referred to was in fact false when SNSD members appeared on the June 30th episode of MBC “Good Day.”

On the show, Yuri revealed, “The diet plan that was made public recently was completely wrong. We’re taking lots of nutritious and healthy food three times a day, while working out regularly.” YoonA added, “We really eat well. I don’t know where the whole ‘SNSD diet plan’ came from. We eat so well and are healthier than you think.” Sunny also said, “The managers get shocked at the amount we usually eat.”