miss A’s Suzy had an interview with TV Report where she spoke about her film “Architecture 101.” She talked about fellow actor Lee Jae Hoon’s cute jealousy towards Kim Soo Hyun. (Lee Jae Hoon stars alongside Suzy in “Architecture 101.”)

Suzy had romance with Kim Soo Hyun for “Dream High” and romance with Lee Jae Hoon for “Architecture 101.”

Suzy said, “A lot of people asked who I liked more Kim Soo Hyun or Lee Jae Hoon. During one interview I answered Kim Soo Hyun because I am a bit closer to him. However, Lee Jae Hoon saw the broadcast. He called one day and said, ‘You picked Kim Soo Hyun?’ I felt very sorry.”

Suzy then stated, “I realized that I shouldn’t pick one person now. I didn’t mean that, although Lee Jae Hoon was joking. I was still a bit embarrassed.”