Recently, a set of photos titled “Suzy, the Power of Bangs” was uploaded to various blogs, piquing netizens’ interest. The post featured two photos of miss A’s Suzy with bangs and two photos without them. As shown in the photos, Suzy looks completely different depending on her hairstyle.

Normally, Suzy has her bangs in a full, blunt fringe, portraying a very young, girly-like charm. With angular, side-swept bangs, Suzy looks more mature, but very pretty nonetheless. However, most of the netizens seem to agree that Suzy looks best with bangs as she looked slightly odd when she had them pulled back.

Netizens commented, “Suzy definitely looks better with bangs,” “Haha I think I know why she always had bangs now,” “Suzy is pretty in anything. She can pull off any hairstyle,” and more.