KBS daily sitcom “I Need an Angel” released stills of miss A’s Suzy giving Park Min Woo a kiss on the cheek. As reported earlier, the singer-actress recently filmed a cameo appearance for the show where she will play the role of a high school student who dreams of becoming an actress.

Unfortunately, Suzy, who has received tremendous praise for her role as Han Ga In’s younger counterpart in “Introduction to Architecture” – firmly establishing her name as Bae Suzy the actress, has to play a student who can’t act to save her life in the sitcom.  Her character will stimulate Park Min Woo’s character, who is also an aspiring actor under his father’s (Cha In Pyo) entertainment agency.

In the stills, Suzy collapses into Park Min Woo’s arms, smiles at him, and pecks him on the cheek. A representative of the show stated, “Initially, Suzy and Park Min Woo were very shy and awkward around each other. However, once they began filming, they worked well with each other and produced a very funny scene.”

Meanwhile, Suzy’s cameo appearance will be shown in tonight’s episode of “I Need an Angel” at 7:45PM KST on KBS.