The upcoming episode of MBC Every1’s Weekly Idol” will feature miss A, where the MCs and the girls will take a look at their official profile and get a chance to rewrite their information.

It’s been said that during the recording, Suzy spoke of her height and weight, a touchy subject not just for female celebrities, but for any other females.

Suzy confessed, “I’m actually a bit taller than what’s listed on my official profile. I’m 168 cm, and I’m still growing.” When MC Jung Hyung Don stated, “If you’ve grown taller, your weight must have increased as well,” she honestly answered, “Of course,” and revealed her true weight. She also addressed her “big feet” nickname, saying that her shoe size isn’t as large as Boom made it seem.

MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” featuring miss A will air on March 21 at 6PM KST.