Over the weekend, miss A’s Suzy shared two photos of herself on her Twitter. She tweeted, “Hi. I’m Suzy. I have blue eyes. I like it, but what do you think?” and attached a photo. In the photo, Suzy was in full make-up mode, complete with eyeliners that accentuated her blue eyes. With porcelain skin, rosy cheeks, and distinctive blue eyes, Suzy looked like a living doll.

Forty minutes after her first post, she tweeted, “No one liked my blue eyes. Well then, here are my plain eyes.” In the second photo, Suzy erased all of her makeup, displaying her round, brown eyes and proving her natural beauty.

Netizens commented, “Your blue eyes were beautiful too,” “What doesn’t she look great in?” “I still think Suzy looks better as a pure, innocent beauty,” “I like both of them!” and more.

What about Soompiers? Do you like Suzy with or without make-up/blue eyes?